Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson Found Dead

Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila
Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila

The just reported that Eunice Johnson of the black powerful Johnson family died at 93 from renal failure today, now Casey Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson empire died suddenly in her home at 30 years old yesterday morning.  The family has asked for privacy during their grief and we hope that because she was engaged to the infamous Tila Tequila the media won’t try to dig up some bizarre sex flicks or tapes or something to release now that she’s gone.

But as usual TMZ was the first to break the story and Tila Tequila has been Tweeting like crazy with all sorts of cryptic and confusing messages.  Some say pray for my “wifey” Casey and then others say she’s in a coma and she’s hanging on, then she goes back to a rest in peace message.  Well, we definitely send our prayers out to both Johnson families.  Old or young, a loss is a loss.  And we’re just starting a new decade and a new year, so this has to be hard.

Read the Tweets from Tila here.

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  1. I really was hoping to see a great article on Mrs Eunice Johnson. She was truly a pioneer! And look fabulous doin it.

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