American Idol Contestant’s Mom Is Missing (Video)

Angela Martin and her mother Viola Brown Martin

American Idol is much more than what we might think.  Some of the contestants are really looking to make a better life for themselves aside from the Hollywood dream.  There are people really struggling and this is their only way out.  Ms. Angela Martin is the latest contestant on the show with real tragedy and on a quest for hope through the show.  Her mother has been missing since the day after Christmas and no clues, not even her abandoned car, has given the police anything to go on. Continue reading

Chris Matthews ‘Post Racial’ Remarks (Video)

It appears that Chris Matthews was all flustered and discombobulated with adoration for President Obama Wednesday night after his first State of the Union address.  He was actually blushing and gushing like a school girl.  But, that disheveled energy has thus far put him in the hot seat.  But, I for one say, “Kudos! Mr. Matthews!” for letting your little light shine.  The perspective that you gave in this “post racial” time is a double-edged sword.  It gave an inkling of understanding of why white liberals may have supported and was interested in the President and his campaign that allowed them, for the first time, to move past their “tribalism” and “old ethnicity” to collectively say “Yes We Can!”  Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Boris and Nicole, Pink, Kanye West and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Congrats go out to Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker as they take over late night Atlanta radio!  The acting game is sowed up with all of the rappers and reality “stars” that Boris and Nicole had to find a way to make ends meet.  All is fair in the money game but PU-LEASE know that if the National Inquirer gets wind of a story indicating that one of you has “Tiger Woods” sydrome, you can kiss that check goodbye.  Nuff said… Continue reading

Woman Killed By a Car After Hitting Lottery

Deborah McDonald, 47, wins Ohio's Cash Explosion Double Play

The worst thing that could possibly happen to someone who wins money is to never get an opportunity to spend it.  It’s a sad day in Ohio as a Mrs. Deborah McDonald, 47, walked home from celebrating her lottery win and then was struck by a car and killed.  The saving grace was she had her last supper with friends and family. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Christian TV Gets Pranked (Video)

When people say they’re christians and they are on a mission from God, they don’t need someone calling and writing into their show confusing the word.  The person who pulled this prank, SHAME ON YOU!  It appears that christian crusaders have a call-in show that is linked to both the Internet and phone lines.  It seems to be a christian info center of sorts.  This particular show is an international show and you can see the international numbers to call.  But, they’re also reading e-mails and one that came in from the FRESH PRINCE should’ve given them a little bit of a heads up that something might be up. Continue reading

15-Year Old Black Scientist Robbed for her Studies

Jasmine Roberts

The Huffington Post website as well as many others have disturbingly run a story on “a group of microbiologists at Virginia’s Hollins University” that supposedly found “alarming levels of bacteria, possibly from feces, in fast-food soda fountains.”

Well, Jasmine Roberts, a 15-year old scientist in Florida would be surprised to hear that this is their discovery.  Back in 2006, when she was merely 12-years old, she was one of the Whiz Kids on Oprah telling millions of her viewers about her scientific discovery of the exact same thing.  She even showed how toilet water had less bacteria in it than the ice and water used for the soda machines. Continue reading

14-Year Old Kills Parents Over Chores

 It is definitely a brand new day.  Children are divorcing their parents and knocking them around whenever they want for whatever they want.  The lawlessness that has jumped off in the household is completely out of control.  John Caudle, 14, thought that he should not have to do any chores around the house, so he took his mother out with the family gun. Continue reading

Jewel Thief Portrayed by Halle Berry Is Still At It

Halle Berry will be portraying an international jewel thief that was supposed to be retired.   I guess the law forced her into retirement and thought she was done.  But, just last week, Doris Payne, 79, walked up in Saks Fifth Avenue and cut the tags off a $1300 Burberry coat and left.  Now it must’ve been a long time since she’s been in the game if she thought cutting the tags off was a good plan for getting out the store unnoticed. Continue reading