Welcome to EUR This ‘N That IDOL! (Video)

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This is the first round of the EUR This ‘N That’s Idol.  We’re going to try this out and see if you will do these talented soon to be discovered people a favor and vote for them.  Who knows, maybe the right person will see them and they will get to pursue their dreams much farther than YouTube.  Maybe you have friends you’d like to nominate.  If so, let us know.  Let’s have some fun and see who will go home with the gold.

We’ve seen a lot of talent out there, but YouTube seems to be bubbling over with talent of every persuasion.  The latest YouTube sensations are the two guys we have  on deck for you to vote on today.  They are Brandon Hines and J-Sun.  If anyone knows them tell them to check out their votes.  These guys are both singing Maxwell’s Pretty Wings and we must say, they both give him a run for his money.  One seems to be a little edgier with a Hip-Hop/R&B kind of style, while the other is a little more clean cut and smooth.  Let’s see who you like the best. 

First up is Mr. Brandon Hines:

Next we have Mr. J-Sun:

5 thoughts on “Welcome to EUR This ‘N That IDOL! (Video)”

  1. Wow. This was tough, but it’s something about that eddddddgggggggge! My vote is for Brandon. Love em both though.

  2. I Like both. J-Sun gets my vote because if you can sing accapella and don’t go off key you are a great singer. I don’t hear a lot of breathing like you do with a lot of singers and that can get annoying.

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