Google’s Secret Phone Has Been Outed!

Google had the Nexus One under wraps, but obviously not well.  Someone tipped the general public to everything about the phone and put it up on their site.  Pricing and all.  They give a list of bulleted specifics.  For instance, the phone will be sold for $530 unlocked and unsubsidized by Google…only.

If all this information is true, the “tipster” as is calling them, says that if you get the phone through T-Mobile, you can buy it for $180 and a minimal $39.99 per month.  The phone is not good for those that have multiple lines or a family plan.  That phone cannot be subsidized and you’ll have to pay the unsubsidized $530.

Check out the snitches information here.  You may be first in line in January when it hits the market.

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