CNN and Time Weigh In On Oprah’s Moments

People are saying don’t get so dramatic.  Oprah isn’t leaving for a whole year and a half.  That is sooooooo far away.  But, think about 2009.  How fast did that go by for you?  Sooner than later, we will be waving our last goodbye to Oprah and decades of information that shaped the lives of many. 

CNN and Time give a list of her best  moments on the airways.  Luckily they didn’t rank them in a top 10 list.  That would be difficult.  They have some real jewels on the list.  Her influence is one of the moments.  They define her influence as the ability she has to make your book do well, make your album go platinum, ummmmm PICK A PRESIDENT. 

Another good one is the time she went to the city in Georgia that had never had any black people in it.  It reads: 

“Two decades after the Civil Rights Act, residents of Forsyth County, Ga. still had a reputation for wanting to keep African-Americans out: as of 1987, not a single black person had reportedly lived there in 75 years. Oprah traveled to the county, outside Atlanta, to find out why. At a town hall meeting she called “to hear from the citizens themselves,” she met a man identified on her show only as Dennis. “I’m afraid of them coming to Forsyth County,” he admitted, explaining that his Atlanta neighborhood had turned into a “rat-infested slum” after the first African-Americans were bussed to the local high school. He also used the N-word repeatedly, going so far as to delineate the difference between the epithet and a black person.

Check out the rest of the list here.

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