Tiger At It Again?


If this story is true, Tiger will slowly saunter off like Humphrey  Bogart in Casablanca into an uncertain darkness and his career will fade to black (or cablanasian).  He’s been seen out and about with his main mistress Rachel Uchitel.  The British mag, The Sun, reported that they were spotted holding hands on Sunday night at a party in Palm Beach, Fl. 

If his wife is back in Sweden living in her newly bought castle-like home and he’s partying in Florida like he has absolutely nothing to lose, Tiger will soon be on the O.J. end of the stick in this.  He will be hunted and drained of every penny until he ends up living a Bobby Fisher type existence.  Did him and Elin file for divorce or something?  Surely he has to know that this is beyond being in poor taste.  But, we all have to learn our lessons and obviously from the report of him shacking up with her in Florida, he hasn’t learned his.

Well, let’s let the story sit on simmer and see what comes up in the next few days.  Until then, read the full report here.

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