America’s Most Wanted Doctor Has Been Caught!

Plastic surgeon, Mark Weik\nberger
Plastic surgeon, Mark Weinberger

A few years ago there were reports and interviews on the disappearance of America’s Most Wanted doctor, Mark Weinberger.  He had swindled at least 60 families and not even his wife knew where he went.  She, Michelle Kramer, was clueless and bewildered by his disappearance and was not heavy on the “I miss you baby.  And to whoever has kidnapped you, please just send him homes.”  If I remember correctly, her and her other family members were discombobulated because he was such a loving husband who appeared to keep his nose clean.

She and (what may have been ) her sister and mother were being interviewed and she seemed to be having a sistas moment that day.  Kramer had lived the life of a princess with luxurious trips around the world, chauffeurs, cooks, and maids to boot.  Those luxuries were going to have to be traded in to cover the families that had been on the receiving end of botched and controversial surgeries.  She wasn’t sure how much trouble her husband was in, but she had gotten a whiff from a previous complaint in 2002 from a woman who had died from throat cancer that he failed to diagnose.  But, she’s not the only one.  His list of offenses go on for days.

Now that he’s been caught, it appears that his cheese may have officially slid off the cracker or that’s what he wants them to think.   He realizes the magnitude of what he has done, so when he got the opportunity, he took a tiny knife that the report suggests was ejected by his butt into his underwear.  He then proceeded to stab himself in the neck.  Yes!  We said it…You can’t make this up!

Read the report here. 

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