New York Smart Phone Users Turned Away By AT&T?

AT&T iphone diss

The city of New York was wondering why they couldn’t get any iPhone love from AT&T over the weekend.  The company has since resumed its online sells to New Yorkers, but no one knows why they stopped selling the iPhones to them in the first place.

The assumption is that their limited “maps,” that Verizon is constantly making fun of, can’t support all the traffic of the iPhones they currently have.  In an effort to reduce the traffic, maybe they disabled sales to New York for a moment.  That’s understandable right?  There’s only like 20 million folks crammed in there.

Verizon is hot on AT&T with their advertisements right now.  That one commercial where everyone is watching the football game and the Verizon customer has to move out of the way because no one can see through his map, then the brotha with AT&T asks if he needs to move and they say no, “You’re good.”   And what about the one where AT&T’s phone is in the land of misfit toys!  That’s classic.

They really don’t want this type of attention right now.  Huffington Post reported that one of the New York customers phoned in to AT&T’s customer service and they asked about why they couldn’t get the iPhone online and the rep replied, “New York is not ready for the iPhone” by a company representative.  The rep went on to say that the phone is  “not available to people anywhere in the city.”

Handle that AT&T!  Read the full report here.

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