TMZ Goes Sports Gossip!

tmz breaks story

TMZ is on fire.  It seems as though they have better operatives than the U.S. government.  Anywhere something is going down with anything it seems they already have a cameraman or mics planted on the scene.   They broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death!  Doesn’t get much bigger than that. 

Now the AOL owned company will soon be owned by Warner Bros. and they will pick up another division called  Someone better get an APB out to all of Tiger’s buddies, his soon to be buddies and all of their friends.  As you should know by now, TMZ is relentless!  Any venereal diseases that have cleared up will be surfacing all over the place.  Kobe … just go out and purchase another piece of jewelry BUT! also get you a new prenup.  Tiger’s wife, Elin, has set a new precedent on how these athletes are going to be dealt wit’ from now on. 

The plans for the new sports gossip site was planned before the Tiger Woods scandal broke and will be up and running in approximately two months.  We’ve put up the alert, so it’s not our fault if any of you guys get hung by them.  And if you think you’re too young for them to get you, we are going to go out on a limb and say that all of you mothers out there better get ready with your Vaseline and sneakers because they’re coming after your sons on the high school and college teams too. 

If you’re a baller, you’re going to love us for giving you the heads up here.

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