Rhode Island Station Halts Mistress Dating Service Ads (Video)

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Who knew things were getting so steamy and wild up in the conservative mecca of Providence, RI.  The city’s WHJY radio station got rid of a dating service that is not for the singles out there.  The service is actually for a more exclusive crowd…married couples.

Those out there that don’t want their business in the street [David Letterman, Bill Clinton, TIGER] can go to AshleyMadison.com and find someone who wants to keep it on the low, low, just like them.

It appears that everyone involved in this scenario has something to lose, so that way you can ensure confidentiality and balance.  But once the radio station received numerous complaints, it had to call a flag on the plate and a technical. The AshleyMadison.com web site has a statement that reads:  “Life is short.  Have an affair.”  Wow…now that’s bold!

According to the Providence Journal, the radio station had to contact the service with this apology:

“Sorry,” the e-mail says, “but the station has gotten a ton of calls from people upset with us advertising the site. My GM [general manager] made the decision to pull the ads off. RI is the most Catholic state in the country, I thought we might get some calls but I figured it would take some time. You’re [sic] ads certainly got the word out!  “I apologize.”

The station stands to lose a significant amount of money by dropping the relationship.  Read here on how much and how the founder of the service, Noel Biderman reacted.

By the way, how did Kobe and A-Rod get in an ad that supports the agency?  We missed this one.  Check it out:

Their official ad is even more shocking:

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