Dishin’ Dirt on Charlie Sheen, Steven Tyler, and Ivana Trump…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


Charlie Sheen was arrested Christmas day for allegedly assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen!  The family was in Aspen celebrating Christmas when something went awry and Charlie set it off.  I can only imagine what his wife did to make him go all Ike Turner and what not, but whatever the case, Charlie is gonna have a whole lot of time to think about it while he sits in jail.  According to my sources, he is being held without bail until he can get a court date.  Oh yeah, no bail has been set because this dummy chose to cut da fool when errrybody is on vacation for the holidays.  Nuff said…


Side Bar-In the words of Rick James, “cocaine is a hell of a drug.”


Morgan Freeman had the best Christmas EVER!  One of your favorite actors turn pilot has purchased himself a brand new private jet!  Congrats on the new toy Morgan!


Side Bar-Ummmm…for real, whoever gets in that plane with Morgan in the pilot seat is a damn fool.  He was in a car accident earlier this year where he lost control of his car and darn near killed himself as well as a female passenger.  I’m just sayin’, if the ground is too much to handle, I’m sure the clouds are no cake walk…


Okay y’all, when I read this story I could not stop laughing because I instantly got a visual.  First let me say this, abuse of any kind is unacceptable BUT, I could only imagine how Ivana Trump was feeling when she snapped on some unruly kids on an airplane.  According to one of my FAVORITE gossip rags, Ivana Trump was on a Delta flight from Ft. Lauderdale to NYC when some unruly kids were running up and down the aisle (in first class) cuttin’ the damn fool.  This obviously pissed off the former Mrs. Trump because that crazy heifer ALLEGEDLY yelled at the kids saying, “Come here lil’ fuckers.  Shut the fuck up.”  The pilot was notified and he taxi’d the plane back to it’s original gate and asked the former Mrs. Trump to get off the plane.

Side Bar-If I am keeping it real, I would have to say that there have been many times that I have wanted to snatch a KNOT in other folks’ kids BUT I would NEVER do it.  Mrs. Trump best be glad those kids ain’t belong to Aquanetta ‘cause it would have gotten REAL ugly.  Nuff said…


This ain’t got nuffin’ to do with nuffin’ but I was in Atlantic Station in Atlanta a few days ago and WHY did I run into Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mama)?!  And WHY did she look like a 14 year old boy, rocking a bubble coat and some high tops?  She was loud and ghetto…just like she is on the show…and I don’t care what nobody says, she is still on dat stuff!  Which explains why the rumor mill is saying that Keyshia has cut them (Neffie and Frankie) off completely.

Steven Tyler

Speaking of rehab, I just got word that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame is BACK in rehab for his addiction to pain killers.  The 61 year old rocker has been combating pain for several years due to performance injuries.  The last injury being when he fell off stage and broke his shoulder during a performance in South Dakota back in August.  Let’s just hope he gets it together…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



3 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Charlie Sheen, Steven Tyler, and Ivana Trump…”

  1. Why are you always a day late and a dollar short?? The Charlie Sheen story has changed completely, his wife had a blood alcohol level of .13, while his was well below the legal limit, AND she has recanted most of her story. Why don’t you check the updates BEFORE you post your stories????

  2. This is bizarre! Imo he was fantastic acting in Two and a Half Men, but it could be it was simply because he was simply just playing himself:-)

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