Man in Wheelchair Takes Hostages in Va. Post Office

wheelchair man standoff

This holiday is not off to a great start with murders throughout the U.S. steadily climbing and home invasions on the rise.  Now to add to the mayhem, a wheelchair-bound man,  Warren Taylor of Sullivan County, Tenn., decided to hold folks hostage at a post office in a rural area of Virginia.  He hadn’t made any extravagant demands and no one was harmed, he just wanted a little pizza.

MSNBC reports that he told police that he had explosives strapped to his body.  Why else would the patrons stick around?  Surely it might cross someone’s mind that  they could take him, right?  But, the police spokesperson could not confirm this to be true.  He finally gave in after a day-long standoff with police with no apparent motive…outside of the pizza.

During the standoff, some of the hostages were allowed to make phone calls to their families and they were all doing fine.  The town of Wytheville, Va., is small and back to business as usual with the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers.  Strange to say the least.  It was obvious that the man wasn’t at all violent when he gave up to a police … robot.

Read here to venture into the mind of a mad man! (sigh)

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