T.I. Is Free…Kinda!

Clifford Harris, also known as T.I.
Clifford Harris Jr., also known as T.I.

A lot of fans and friends of rapper T.I. are doing the happy dance tonight as he is released from the federal prison complex he was sent to in Forrest City, Arkansas back in May.  According to CNN, T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., “will serve the remainder of a reduced sentence in a correctional center near Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.” 

So even though he’s not returning to his home with his wife Tiny [who has since become a BET reality star with Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife Toya], and their children, he will be nearby.  T.I. will serve another 3 months in the halfway house.  He also has to fulfill approximately 500 hours of community service.  So, he’s still going to be busy with convict business for a while, but surely he’s happy to be out.

Read the full story on his release and conviction here.

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