Carl’s Jr. Burger Chain ‘Uses’ Kim Kardashian (Video)

Kim Kardashian in Carl Jr's ad for Grilled Chicken Salads.

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr., looks like it’s trying to make a segue from selling burgers to selling a little T & A.

According to the Huffington Post, the roster of celebrities they’ve used to popularize their food [Audrina Patridge and Paris Hilton, to name a couple], they should be looking into starting a video channel for men who like a little porn with their meal.

Kim Kardashian is the latest entree they’re serving up with their menu.  But at least she’s healthy about what she wants from them.  She’s advertising their new grilled chicken salads … in the bed.

Can you really relate with this commercial?  I mean, when’s the last time you cuddled up with a salad in bed and had such an enriching experience you concluded it with a hot, steamy, creamy, bubble bath?  Yeah … it’s like that!  Check it out:

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