‘Miss Jumbo’ Pageant Celebrates Thailand’s Hefty (Video)

Ms. Jumbo pageant in Thailand
Ms. Jumbo pageant in Thailand

Well, lo and behold, Mo’Nique hasn’t cornered the market on having pride in your bigness.  Her pageant “Mo’Nique’s F.A.T Chance,” gave the average and plus sized woman a vote of confidence.  Maybe her show caught on around the world, we’re not sure, but in Thailand they are strutting their stuff on the runway too.

Thailand has a “Miss Jumbo” pageant that is celebrating the larger-sized woman there too.  Obviously, the population has enough plus-sized women to have such a pageant.  According to TheNews, the participants had to take slimming and beauty courses.  Those who lost weight prior to the pageant got a higher score during the pageant.

Check out the ladies:

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