DC Cop Pulls Gun In Snowball Fight (Video)

dc cop with gun in snow

An amateur videographer captured what seemed to be a D.C. plain clothes detective brandishing his gun during a snowball fight.  But, then it appears from Detective Baylor’s side of the story, walkers were throwing snowballs at the passing cars…including his and he was hit with a snowball.

If you don’t live on the East Coast and have not been a part of this massive snowstorm, you may not realize the danger simple snowballs could present.  First of all, D.C. has small streets, lots of cars, and plenty of walkers.  During a snow storm, it is absolutely unfathomable that people are actually driving rather than catching the subway.  On an average day in D.C., the driving experience is scary and dangerous, but to add snow and folks throwing snowballs at the cars…NUTS!

The other ironic circumstances is how this scenario is playing out amongst the people.  The cop, Detective Baylor, is black.  The people involved in the snowball throwing (that instantly became protesters) are white.  They are in his face, they are calling him a “pig” and officers that showed up on the scene (who are also white) aren’t much help.  One officer even told them if they are having a problem with the detective to get his badge number and report him to the Sargent at the station.  They even begin to chant, “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight!”

I can’t help thinking that had this been a black crowd and the cop white, this would’ve played itself out VERRRRRRRRRRY DIFFERENTLY.   Read here for the video you’re getting ready to see.  The media is so funny. PLEASE! check out the video they offer to support the report they give after you view ours.  You’ll see what they’re trying to do with this story.  We’ll leave the conclusion up to you.

-J.C. Brooks

Check it out for yourself:

8 thoughts on “DC Cop Pulls Gun In Snowball Fight (Video)”

  1. Your Right, if this was a Black crowd and a White officer, you would be slaughtering the guy for pulling his gun on unarmed citizens and not trying to make it sound like a snowball hitting a car is equivalent to someone shooting an RPG at a moving vehicle in a hallway. But you aren’t you are Black and aligning with the Black skin thing and the crazy cop who pulled his gun was right as he was in danger in his nice warm vehicle from a flying snowball that he could have driven right through had he used sane judgment. I mean we expect that of police officers right, judgment to not pull a gun and to stay sane and think through situations. Must be affirmative action at work here.

  2. I’m sure the video doesn’t do justice to the entire incident. The spectators (participants), a bunch of young teens and twenty-somethings acted juvenile and escalated the whole thing far beyond what it needed to be. They should all be arrested (at least fined) for inciting a a crowd.

  3. I don’t if the previous poster is correct in his/her assertion that the author of this article is black but to try to defend the act of pulling a gun on unarmed citizens because of a snowball is ridiculous. This policeman should be stripped of his position and his permit to carry a gun revoked. He has demonstrated his inadequacy to use good judgment and is a danger to the public.

    [“I can’t help thinking that had this been a black crowd and the cop white, this would’ve played itself out VERRRRRRRRRRY DIFFERENTLY.”] Yes, the crowd probably would have attacked the detective and caused him great bodily harm after which they would riot and loot the immediate area for some opportune shopping. Then the media would excuse such behavior as being the result of years of oppression……….and other excuses ad nauseum.

    Black, white, green, red, yellow. You don’t pull a gun on unarmed citizens because of a snowball. You also don’t try to excuse such behavior for any reason!

  4. Roncee,

    Its seems to me that you are doing the same thing you claim the black people are doing, making it racial. Why do you assume that if it was a black crowd, somehow the cop would’ve been attacked? Is that not racist? Are you implying that white crowds don’t attack? I could waste my time giving examples of just how many times a white crowd has attacked, lynched, shot, cut, etc….. but seeing how your white, you will be in denial of just how much blood has been shed by your own.

    Bottom line, the cop was out of line, and it has nothing to do with him being black, it had everything to do with him being stupid and trust me, its been plenty of stupid white cops as well. It is about to be 2010, you need to grow up and stop placing a whole race of people in one category.

  5. People are stupid. White, Black, Asian, Latino. 90% of us are stupid. That’s why the corporations and governments continue to screw us. This is not news! These “twenty-somethings” are retarded! They had nothing better to do than throw snowballs at each other? Is twenty years old the new “twelve-year old”? This stupid, complacent generation that feels entitled to have their parents and society give them everything even if they aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree and in true Christmas spirit want to see a cop lose his job. Just pitiful–send these kids to Afghanistan to whine about some REAL problems!

  6. you guys are all idiots honestly, this video is hillarious if youve ever hung out on or around u st you would feel the same way

  7. All those kids should have got arrested. If it was a white cop and a black crowd everybody would have been dead.

    Roncee, true enough he shouldnt have pulled out the gun but they should have still respected him as a officer of the law and the fact that he did have a gun in his hand they still walked up on him like he wasn’t shit but if it was the other way around that little stupid boy would have been dead for being disrespectful.

    And it doesn’t matter what color the skin all officers of the law should stick together shame on that white cop.

  8. Police should have just arrested the whole crowd for; Inciting a crowd, assaulting and batterying an officer, Aiding and Abetting/Accessory, Disorderly Conduct and could very well be listed as a hate crime…. Arrest them all…

    Thats what wrong with the world today, They think they can do want they want and get away with it.. Throw snowballs at my $45,000 vehicle and hit me with snowballs when all I want to do is go home and mind my business I too may pull my gun out..

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