50 Needles Found In 2-Year Old’s Body (Photos)


You may have heard of little voo doo dolls that people use to control others, but apparently someone was trying to use a live child for the same purpose.

The child is a 2-year old who was taken to a Brazilian hospital an x-rayed only to find that he had over 50 needles placed in his body.

There is a pending investigation to find out how this could’ve happened and who may have done it, but at this time the mother and police are still clueless.

They believe there was some sort of ritual being carried out on the child.  Check out the  x-ray below.  It’s unbelievable!


Want to see more x-ray photos? Click HERE.

One thought on “50 Needles Found In 2-Year Old’s Body (Photos)”

  1. ………and the mother is clueless as to how this happen. UNbelievable.


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