President Obama Catching Heat over Programs


It seems that President Obama can’t catch a break on anything he’s trying to do for this ungrateful country.  Everywhere he turns he’s being blamed for someone being turned away for health care, someone losing their home, someone getting their car stolen from in front of the post office (well for this one they’d say it was federal property, where was Obama when my car was out front?).

The foreclosure program called the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), was supposed to save people from a high mortgage payment and reduce the interest rate to make the payment more affordable.  But, there’s a fine print thrown in there by banks that they take your house without alerting you that it’s slipping away from you during the eligibility process.

But these issues are not our President’s fault.  He has a team of experts that are advising his every move.  Give him a break America.  The man hasn’t even been in office a year.  Check into your programs closely to make sure you blame the right person. 

Check this story out  here for information on HAMP.  You might just end up using it.

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