Nicole Kidman Had Too Much Powder

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

No one is exactly sure as to why Nicole Kidman would come out looking like she had been in the kitchen baking all day or she had a little party with some friends.  The powder is so thick on her nose, you would think that she could FEEL that it was there if she couldn’t see it.  The most bizarre part of this is that she was out in NEW YORK of all places at the movie premiere for her new movie  Nine.  How embarrassing?

It seems like celebs should require a mirror before they walk out on the red carpet.  Someone’s always talking about how demanding the celebs are, but a mirror isn’t one of the demands…at least for Kidman.  Maybe we’ll hear more in the next few days.  Go here to see all the pics.  Hope girlfriend isn’t having a meltdown.

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