4-Year Old Found Drunk and Stealing (Video)

4 yr old drunk

This child and his mama need their butts beat.  One more than the other, you guess who.  They are still trying to figure it out, but the child got him a Bud and put on a girl’s dress out of one of the Christmas  gifts and took to the streets.  He was in someone elses house stealing their gifts and probably a little more than tipsy.

Could you imagine facing a drunk 4-year old in your living room over him trying to take all the toys?  They are hardly coherent when they’re not drinking.  He was probably cussing and falling all over the place too.  Good grief!

If this child were black,  his parents would still be in protective custody with no chance of seeing light again.  You know it’s true.  Admit it.  The parents would be looking at time too.  The mother is not going to jail and the child is not going to protective custody.  They feel confident that the child is fine and can return home.  The mom, 21-year old April Wright, promised it wouldn’t happen again. She said he’s just trying to get in trouble, so he can go to jail and be with his dad, who is locked up.  Check out the report, we have nothing else to say:’

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