Man Hits Jackpot and Leaves Wife Behind (Video)

wife left after husb hit lotto

Some people have made jokes saying that they would leave their significant other or spouse if they hit the lotto, but this man was dead serious.  The South Florida man, Arnim Ramdass, 53, hit the lotto with 16 other co-workers for $19 million.  After taxes, that isn’t going to be a gang of money for one person, especially after Uncle Sam takes his cut.  Maybe he thought he’d cut the wife out of the deal because he didn’t have enough for her and his butt naked orgy he had planned on the beach in Madagascar.

Now the wife, Donna Campbell, is being kicked out of their home that the two shared.  He hit the jackpot in 2007, and his first order of business was shutting off the cable, phone and Internet (Well, what else would you do?  Gotta think about those “triple play” charges if you’re planning to leave the country with your riches, right?).  She thought , “Hmmmmm, well that’s weird.”  She’s been looking for him ever since.  I know one thing for sure though, if I ever caught up with him again, I’d teach him the true meaning of his last name.

Check out this story of good old fashioned treachery:

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