Cincinnati Bengal’s Chris Henry Dies After ‘Domestic Dispute’ (Video)

football player falls from truck

Update: Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has died. He passed away this morning at 6:36am. He was 26. The NFL star received injuries yesterday after falling from a pickup truck in what authorities say was a “domestic dispute.”

Earlier we reported …

Chris Henry is a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals that has been on the injured list for the last few weeks with a broken arm.  He was placed on the injured reserve list.  But now things have gotten much more serious as police have reported that he fell from a pick-up truck his fiance’ was driving.

ESPN has reported that he jumped up on the truck as she was speeding away and he fell.  The football star was found in the middle of the road, reportedly, 8 miles north of Downtown Charlotte and is fighting for his life.

This wouldn’t be the first incident where police were called to respond though.  He has been in trouble with the law many times and now he was trying to be good.  The Cincinnati team had cut him, but they brought him back and everything was going fine.

Check out the latest developments here and read his story :

One thought on “Cincinnati Bengal’s Chris Henry Dies After ‘Domestic Dispute’ (Video)”

  1. This was such a tragedy. Did his fiance ever get charged w/ a crime? My guess is probably not. Since he didn’t survive to explain his side of what happened, most likely she fabricated a story to tell authorities.

    I know you are resting in peace, Chris.

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