Baby Brought Out of Coma In Church (Video)

baby in coma

This is one of the most emotionally heartbreaking, but also inspiring things you will see this holiday.   This very special chance we have been given to witness this is something that should resonate in the spirit of us for some time.  The baby in this video has been in a coma for six months.  She was shaken by a babysitter when she was only two months old.

This is truly a miracle and we can only pray that the child is in a safe place and will be cherished from this day forth.  Again, this is very emotional, so be warned in case you are an emotional person.  Be blessed!  Merry Christmas!

96 thoughts on “Baby Brought Out of Coma In Church (Video)”

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    If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
    mountain, “MOVE!” and it WILL move… and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU! – Matthew 17:20

    I will say of the Lord. He is my refuge and my fortress: In Him will I trust.” –

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  5. I believe in God and the power of prayer to the upmost… I am a RN and no chld leaves our hospital in a coma like that… where are the tubes and medical personnel… this is so phony and these people including the mother should be ashame to let this happen like this… u wannan pray for somebody sick u go to visit them… and a baby like this no way… besides the mother seems too calm when the baby open her eyes… she should have been shouting, cryin or showing some type of JOY!!! this is fake, fake, fake… then after u come out of the coma other medical procedures are done with the right medical personnel present… they need to quit!!!

  6. If we believe that GOD can… heal the sick,bless or bestow miracles weither its real or fake to yhu it doesn’t matter GOD still can that is the message if your questioning this video its noones concern but your and GODS we should all have some amount of decernment or else we could be fooled by anything really anything I pray we fall out of weakness and into a new and fresh understanding of the spiritual aspects of life food for the brain maybe I should start being aware of my spirit more

  7. As a coma/cancer survivor I am very aware of the powers of God. I don’t want to seem a naysayer when I post this, but I find it upsetting when I see the post “23 minutes later” as if this were at the same service and the mom and baby are all made up. Mom’s hair is no longer in cornrow, but hanging down in what seems to be micro-braids and the shabby green top is now a very lovely blue one. The baby has little puffs of hair all over her when before there was just one on the top center of her head. I still maintain my faith and belief in the powers of the Lord, but shame of these people for casting doubt on those who would have come to believe.

  8. What medical personnel would allow a comatose child to leave a hospital. That is a BIG medical liability and just unbelievable. I am a strong believer in God and I know God can do just what he says but yall don’t believe this.

  9. Baby’s sleep lightly, if that baby was asleep she would have been awakend when they were touching her and praying for her. That baby did not move 1 muscle. That was all God!! I am a believer!

  10. I do believe. These fools think the baby was asleep. As much noise as the church was crowded with and all the hands touching her, wouldn’t the baby have awaken much sooner? God is good. God is great.

  11. At the RN: What is the definition of a Coma or Comatose state? I’m a nurse also and being in coma means you are in a “deep state of unconsciousness for a long period of time”. You can be in a coma and NOT require any breathing assistance which means NO TUBES, NO RESPIRATORS. She did state the child required a feeding tube which is normal due to she is unconscious. SHE’S NOT BRAIN DEAD OR UNABLE TO BREATH ON HER OWN. She is in what we call a “Sleeping Beauty state” So in her situation YES this child could leave the hospital, the doctors don’t like it but it does no harm to the child. JESUS IS REAL, AND IS STILL PERFORMING MIRACLES!

  12. This isnt real I love the lord and believe n everything he does….but the doctors will not keep a baby on a lofe machine for 4 months let alone 1 month b4 they actually pull the plug.

  13. I accept that God wants us believe without skepticism. Lord help now my belief and drive out the doubt and negativity. What i see is that a child who was laying lifelessly was given her lifeforce back and God getting glory. God, help us to stop looking for proof and start to have faith in you.

  14. i have personaly witness and been a receiver of many miracles most were not in church but in places you never want to go i have my issues with the folks whom claim to be holy and look like pharisees with wealth and riches while the 100s of people in the seats suffer and sacrifice which is not the church of acts one of having all things in common none doing with out the God i serve is a provider but i do know he is real and has performed many signs and wonders that made me say Lord had you shown me this i would have believed sooner but his reply to me was had i believed sooner he would have shown me,,,,,,one day i will post all my many testimonies of the supernatural things God has done for me around me and to me but i know that there still will be many no matter what the see hear know or experience will not believe and there eyes will be shut even unto the moment that they appear before the judgement and will have the audacity not to even recognize his authority then God Bless you and keep you

  15. What I think is so amazing is that the unbelievers watched this video. That in itself lets me know that you are wanting answers. In search for knowing about the God I serve. Just try Him, what do you have to lose? Nothing.

    God is not going to make you believe or know Him but I promise you won’t ever be the same. If you want change and need change, try Jesus. You can even pray a silent prayer in your mind if you really want to see if he is real. Don’t tell anyone what you prayed becasue God listens 🙂 Be blessed everyone and may the peace cover your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus

  16. If that’s true, then y is it that I can’t get any of the simple things I ask for. Granted when I was about 12 God worked a miracle on or for me. I put on some makeup that broke me out terribly bad. Doctors didn’t know what to do. My church prayed on 1 accord I was heeled by time I got home. Woke up the next morning with a new face. I don’t know what yo believe.


  18. For thoes of you that dont believe its because you dont know God. This is life of Christ is by faith. God said whoever will believe come to Him. There is a measure of faith or a little faith in all of us call it curiosity if you would like that caused you to watch the video. However all be blessed!


  20. All who doubt the Miracles of God. He is almighty! May he have mercy on your soul!

  21. I know God is real, I was in a comma on life support after surgery 5 years ago. God brought me back when the doctors had given up and called my mother and son to request permission to pull the plug in my life. The doctors told my family I was brain dead and I still have the pictures of my body lying lifeless and tubes everywhere in CCU. My mother and the church prayed for me and after returning home from church, my sister called my mother and told her i had eye movement. I know God was the one who spoke life back into me when man had given up. I am truly a mirical and I thank God everyday for life..

  22. I know God is real, I was in a comma on life support after surgery 5 years ago. God brought me back when the doctors had given up and called my mother and son to request permission to pull the plug in my life. The doctors told my family I was brain dead and I still have the pictures of my body lying lifeless and tubes everywhere in CCU. My mother and the church prayed for me and after returning home from church, my sister called my mother and told her i had eye movement. I know God was the one who spoke life back into me when man had given up. I am truly a miracle and I thank God everyday for life.. I can not judge what has happen to others but I know God is real and has shown me favor by restoring my life…

  23. Even when you fools see, you still don’t believe. How in the world can you call yourself a Christian and then say the video is a hoax. It really doesn’t matter because ppl saw jesus do miracles and they still didn’t believe. I will countiue to pray for the world

  24. Don’t know how true this is but I know one thing when you speak in tongues you don’t say the same thing over and over again hard tongues all my life and never heard my dad soak the same thing over and over again

  25. Watch the video closely and you will see that when the girl kissed the baby, the baby pouted her bottom lip. I BELIEVE IN THE MIRACLES OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR BUT I DON’T BELIEVE THIS VIDEO.

  26. The day of the Anti-Christ is coming soon. You will have non believers and people speaking against Gods power just as they did with Jesus. Souls will be consumed in flames. Those who know his voice listen very carefully the signs r here now. Get your house in order saints….

  27. hey reailty is Gods is God point is if it was done in evil and they are proclaimed jesus when they enter is courts jesus will denied them in front of his father many will performed mircle in jesus name but have no idea who is GoD Jesus or any thing else and i seen mircle after mircle and tis does not look fake, i have seen blind eye open a women in her 60 basically prounce dead when i knew sume one walk in and said these get up u are healed pick up ur bed and go, that when i started beleive in jesus so i will always give god glory first and if it a trick then that God job to deal with it but until then don t knock God like that

  28. You people who are saying this is fake do some research. When in a coma your not completely helpless. That baby wasn’t moving. With all that noise she would have woken up. God is awesome and you will see. This is real and why would they lie bout a story like this one. It’s a tragic story with a happy ending. To say it’s fake you must know god or never have but u better start. He has a plan and to those who follow him he will help. Otherwise he will let you struggle till you follow him. He is awesome

  29. GOD is awesome a wonderful words can’t express how grate he is lord by the grace of God there go I he said in his word no weapon formed against me shall prosper lord she is a living breathing testimony and praise what will he have to do to give your life to christ

  30. The reason why some aren’t blessed is because of unbelief. We will believe some of the most rediculos things in this world but can’t believe that God is able to heal in this day and time. So sad. I believe it and I truly believe that most Christians would not play with God in that way because they know the consequences.

  31. Just my two cents, where did the mother go? And, an eight month old baby does not move their mouths that way looking for a breast to feed off of, they are already on solid food, a baby who is two months would do that with their mouths ( the age she went into the coma). And when the pastor said she came out, pretty sure she meant that she came out to the church.

  32. More background on this is needed. Did a doctor diagnose the baby as being in a coma? If so she wouldn’t been leaving the hospital. Common sense needs to be applied here. Coma patients aren’t allowed to be taken from the facility and then brought to church. SMDH

  33. I am so sorry for the nonbelievers. …You have not been in the right place….I was fortunate enough as a Preachers Kid to actually see this type of miracle….I have seen cripple children healed right before my eyes…..cancer fall off a ladys face…etc. ….don’t doubt it cuz it’s real….I know….I’ve seen it….

  34. When your glucose count has been 2,000, that’s right 2K, with a heart rate of 148 bpm causing a subsequent heart attack, body temperature of 104 degrees, blood pressure only one number(60) and so dehydrated that I needed 8 liters of fluid upon arrival at the hospital, I am compelled to testify of the AWESOME power of God. Yes there are false exhibitions, however they do not discredit the accounts of those of us that have been supernaturally healed by Jehovah Rapha!!!

  35. I don’t know if the baby was in a coma or just asleep, but after studying it is apparent the this IS the same day. There are simply two different women holding the baby. That is not the same woman on different days, not only is the hair and shirt different, but the piercings are different, the weight is different and her FACE is different. The baby’s hair is the same just more roughed up, which would easily happen from the laying on of hands that was going on. Maybe the child’s mother is off to the side slain in the spirit or something and this is just a bystander who took the baby into her arms. I see that all the time! I would really question why this church would take the effort of having all the people in the congregation wear the exact same clothes and sit in the exact same spot and yet make such a mistake as having the mother look entirely different. It is not staged in that way at all.

    It IS possible for a baby to sleep through all that, IF they are used to all that. My babies slept through loud church services and even their own baby dedications because they were used to being in there. If this child had just come from the hospital, she would not be used to all that noise and therefore would not just sleep through it. I’m inclined to think that she either was in a coma or had recently come out of it but was still not as responsive as she should be, OR had been drugged. Its pretty much impossible to tell any more than that from just this video.

  36. am a miracle baby as long as Jesus’s name was made mentioned wether fake or real its left for my DADDY to judge but I believe everything… praise JESUS for restoring life to this beautiful little girl

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