Darnell Canada Finds Jobs for the Unemployable (Video)

Ryan Mack and Darnell Canada "On the Spot"
Ryan Mack and Darnell Canada "On the Spot"

Ryan Mack, founder and President of Optimum Capital Management is a financial expert seen on CNN, BET, and CNBC, that extends financial advisement from Wall Street clients to Main street clients.  He has joined forces with Darnell Canada to help those who society has labelled “useless” find employment.

Darnell Canada is the founder of  REBUILD, an organization that serves as a major source for “hard to employ people.”  According to Canada , “People who are coming out of prison, homeless…but mostly formerly incaracerated individuals” benefit from the program.   Those who have met with adversity and complete rejection Canada has been able to place in positions.

REBUILD offers city and state certifications that are required for workers to be employed on construction jobs.  They have several certifications preparing people with job readiness for the newest advancements in construction, so that every person they are trying to place is prepared.  Canada also trains his workers in “Green” construction.  The wave of the future.

Canada has a background in “corrections.”  He was incarcerated for seven years, but obtained an associate degree as well as a degree in psychology.  He said that he wanted to “apply what he had learned”, so that he can get the people and educate them, so they would not have  to do crime.” 

Canada is a true grassroots community organizer who himself did not learn to read until he was 27 years old.  He is employing 50-60 people on his payroll at REBUILD and is doing it on a major level that receives absolutely no governmental funding.  He has been able to achieve massive success with little assistance.

Catch Darnell Canada and Ryan Mack “On the Spot”:

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