8-Year Old Draws Crucifixion Gets Suspended

The father of 8-year old suspended for picture of crucifixion.
Chester Johnson, father of 8-year old suspended for picture of crucifixion.

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Before you start reading, you should know that this report is a little confusing…on several levels.  In Taunton, Mass., an eight-year old student was allegedly asked to draw a picture of  what they thought depicted Christmas.  The child proceeded to draw a picture of a cross and a man with arms outstretched in the center.

The child’s father, Chester Johnson, said that the child was suspended because of the drawing and asked to submit to a psychological evaluation.  He said that the school said that it was “kind of a violent act.” The father and his son are African American and the father feels that the disciplinary action was “racial.  He feels the school “overreacted and he wants an apology,” according to MSNBC.

The school refutes all the allegations made by Johnson saying that, first of all, the child was not made to draw a picture depicting Christmas, secondly, the child said that he was the person on the cross and he put X’s on the eyes.  In addition, the Taunton School District said that the child was never suspended nor was the picture given to the press the same picture that the teacher found.

Johnson also told the media that the child had visited the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette in Attleboro where there are a lot of crucifixion statues, so that could possibly be a part of why he drew the picture.

Read here to see what other advancements have happened as a result of the controversy.

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