60-inch TV Shot and Killed In Bet Over Saints vs. Redskins (Video)

tv shot wayne a spring

Immediately upon reading the title you do realize that there were no black men involved in this football bet, right?

The first thing came to my mind before all else is that a black man is not going to wager his 60-inch FLAT SCREEN in ANY type of bet … football or otherwise!  Then, I proceeded to watch, what is fast becoming if not already, the viral video of the incident.

The man, Wayne A. Spring of New Orleans, bet against his team, the New Orleans Saints.  First rule in sports betting, never bet against your home team no matter how sorry they are.  You hear that Detroiters?!  This guy not only bets that the Redskins would beat the Saints, but he said if they don’t, “any of my Facebook friends can come on over and shoot my flat screen TV. ”

Judging by the land he lives on and how he was able to have this shooting spree happen at his home, he lives in a fairly secluded nice area outside of New Orleans.  But, even if he was P. Diddy, you won’t see him nor Jay-Z betting on the flat screen.  It just isn’t in the DNA.  Don’t play with a black man and his car or his flat screen.

Read a little more background on the situation here while checking out how Spring and his buddies roll:

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