U.S. Spending Bill Is 1.1 Trillion?

obama signing bill 2

Where in the heck is the U.S. getting this endless cash from?  People might think that the U.S. simply lives off money trees, but we’re here to inform you … WE DON’T!

We are covering the tab for all the spending for the war and every toilet seat in the White House and now it’s time to find out where the change is going to come from as the President is getting ready to be served this $1.1 trillion spending bill to sign.

The biggest problem with this bill is what the Associated Press is reporting as “local projects.”  Republicans like John McCain commented saying,  “If they knew what we are about to pass ….”  The Citizens Against Government Waste said the projects include” construction of a county farmer’s market in Kentucky, renovation of a historic theater in New York and restoration of a mill in Rhode Island.”

Hopefully, since President Obama couldn’t get them to scratch his back on the health care bill, maybe it’s time that he return the favor on this bill.  But, there’s a dangerous area on the bill that also includes “the FBI … the Veterans Health Administration budget goes from $41 billion to $45.1 billion; and the National Institutes of Health receives $31 billion, a $692 million increase.”

Which will translate later into SOMEONE’S GETTING SCREWED!

Read here for the full report.

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