2 Real Atlanta Housewives Got Dropped for Third Season?

Kim and NeNe
Kim and NeNe

The rumor mill is churning around the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  It appears that they are optioning the girls for a third season, but a couple may get lopped off.  The two are NeNe Leakes and Ms. Tardy for the Party herself, Kim Zolciak.

The on again off again friends are allegedly asking for more money.  They seem to be able to keep the viewers intrigued, so they feel they should reap the benefits of reeling them in week after week. 

According to rightpundits.com, by threatening to fire them, Bravo may just be playing hardball to get them to play ball.  But, this is all very interesting when they barely have any third season content.

Read here for more details.

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