The President Gives Memorable Acceptance Speech for Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 2009.
President Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 2009.

President Obama performed his normal magic on the audience at the acceptance of his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.  Those who were naysayers had a better understanding of him and the reasoning that he took from being nominated for one of the greatest honors on the planet.  He stands with Martin Luther King, Jr. when receiving this award and he did not want it thought that he was as great or even in the same ranks … ranks that cannot be compared.

He deserves the award for merely wanting to take over at the helm of a country that was so miserably failed by its former President who left one of the most devastating messes behind the world had ever seen.  Bush raped and pillaged the world for eight long years and walked away for the next man to become Enemy #1 to a public that did not even know him.  Whoever he may have been.  But, not only did this black man come along to try and right the wrongs of the incapable and deplorably insolent, he did it in black skin.  He knew he would be hated and that America would try their best not to show their red, white, and blue, but they did.  He persevered.  With his beautiful family, he showed a united front that was taking it on the chin with him.

He set the landscape of America on a hill in a positive light for the world to see.  When he ran for President, he had shown the world, for the first time in a long time, if ever, a positive, hopeful America that was actually reaching out to the world in a genuine way to honestly embody charity, but also strength.  He deserves his award no matter how much people think he’s too young or inexperienced to receive it.  The day he sat in his chair as President of the United States of America he earned it.  Let’s take a look at part of his eloquent speech:

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  1. I watched some clips of this speech, I though, as always, Obama delivered a well thought-out and timely speech. It is sad that there are so many men, women, and children dying at his command.. I just wish these wars would end, and end quickly.

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