New York’s Finest Show Off Their Skills for Tourists…1 Dead

times square

There was an unforgettable scene down in Times Square yesterday that concluded with the homicide of, what reports are calling a “con man” and/or “vendor.”  There were two men greeted by a plain clothes cop in a police vehicle.  He tried to start a conversation with the men regarding their vending licenses.  At that point, every tourist from around the world was now privy to the most wonderful place on Earth (as seen throughout the world)…NEEEW YOOOORK!  I think that’s how Alicia sings it in “Empire State of Mind.”

The New York Times eloquently reports the scene as though it was a part of a crime drama novel.  But that’s their style.  It adds to the mystique and grandeur of Gotham to have such a flavorful paper.  The cop recognized the two men from a CD scam they had been running.  One of the men, Raymond Martinez, 25, from the Bronx, ran right up to the Marriott Marquis on 45th and Broadway with Sargeant Newsom announcing himself as a police officer all the way.  The suspect fired off a couple shots at the officer who returned the favor.  The suspect didn’t hit the cop once, but the four shots the officer got off struck the man “in the chest, below the neck and in the left arm; he also suffered a graze wound to the right arm.”

The tourist quoted in the article was on her last day of her trip here from Ireland.   She said prior to this incident she had never felt “unsafe” in the Big Apple.  She took plenty of pictures to show everyone back home too.  Gotta love the place right?  Just another day in the big city.  Tourists have now confirmed that everything they read and see in the movies is true of the U.S.  You truly represented New York city!  Read the article here and check out the mayhem:



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