Kmart Customer Leaves Behind $10k


In Des Moines, IA, it was any other day in the neighborhood as a can of over $10,000 stood on a customer service counter in Kmart with no takers.  The can must’ve sat on the counter nearly a week before anyone took interest in finding out what it was or what was in it.  Did they think it was a terrorist bomb or something?  Seems strange that they didn’t try to open the can or anything.

Well, no one came forward to pick it up, so the police took it off their hands. Interesting point #2, how in the heck did someone find it in their heart during the Christmas season NOT to make off with the goods?   While looking in the garage for the loot, Joe and Margaret Heithoff heard a wonderful, heartwarming report.  They couldn’t believe it, but the can, the K-mart…it all added up!  They were able to get their money back and are only thinking of a big way to pay employees back.

Check out this example of the Christmas spirit here.

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