President Obama to Skip Nobel Peace Prize Festivities

nobel peace prize oslo

President Obama is one cool cucumber as he prepares to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  He is so cool that he has told the Peace Price committee, “Hate to eat and run, but I can only poke my head in for a minute. I’ll come and pick up my award, but I can’t stay.”  (loosely translated)   But he did say that he won’t stay for the 3-day event.  He can only be in town for approximately 24 hours then he must get back to the business at hand.

Some Norwegians are having temper tantrums about him being chosen for the award because of the U.S. involvement in the war.  Especially, on the eve of his announcement to send in 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  Others are pissed that it appears he’s dissin’ the government by not attending lunch with the king of Norway. The festivities for the affair include:  dinner with the Nobel committee, a concert in the Nobel Laureate’s honor, a press conference, and lunch with the king.

But apparently, it’s all good.  The committee always knew that the President would not be able to stay.  Everyone has been weighing in on the President’s receiving such a high honor except you.  Tell us what you think.

Read here to see all of the controversy associated with his visit.

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