Former Businesswoman of the Year Gets Welfare

Ini Augustine
Ini Augustine

There really is a recession going on when you are Businesswoman of the Year one minute and then collecting food stamps the next.  That’s what happened to Ini Augustine.

According to the Huffington Post, in 2006, she  was given a Congressional Medal of Distinction and named Businesswoman of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee for her tremendously successful and profitable temp agency.

Now she’s working at a feverish pace to keep her  4-bedroom home in Lino Lakes from foreclosure. She is constantly battling to pay for her utilities bill as bail.

It’s not completely clear why her temp agency went under, but it has changed her perspective on those who have been forced to get welfare.

Read here for the details.

One thought on “Former Businesswoman of the Year Gets Welfare”

  1. Yeah, this is really a recession and some people are in pure denial. So much so that these same people look down upon those who are experiencing hard times until they are right there with them. I hope that this is a temporary situation for the young lady but it goes to show that no matter how successful a person is in life, they are not immune to this recession.

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