Dishin’ Dirt on Shaunie O’Neal, Ludacris and Barbara Walters…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


Luda is the latest hip hop mogul to launch his own alcoholic beverage line.  The rapper/actor/philanthropist swung by Atlanta’s Lucky Lounge with a sample of his Conjure Cognac and from what I hear, it’s DA BOMB!  Congrats to Luda!


Condolences to Tyler Perry and his family.  I got word that his mom, Maxine Perry passed away yesterday, just two months shy of her 65th birthday.  If you want to leave a message for Tyler, click here.

tiger woods and elin

Okay y’all, I have tried to stay clear of the Tiger Woods story only because it was being covered on EUR’s main site BUT can I just say this…”Elin, CHYLE you need to pull a SHAUNIE O’NEAL on that LYIN’, CHEATIN”, NASTY, NO CONDOM WEARING FOOL.”  Break his azz OFF!  Not only does he humiliate you by dating other folks trash, BUT this new negro done made yo’ mama’s pressure go up, thus causing her to have to be hospitalized.  Girrrrrrl, take his money and RUN!  Nuff said…


Don’t forget to watch the Barbra Walter’s special tonight.  She is going to be interviewing the most interesting people of 2009.  The list includes Lady GaGa, Tyler Perry and Adam Lambert.  This should be interesting…


Beyonce made Jay’s big 4-0 something real special.  Home girl spared no expense on the lavish affair which took place at the Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.  The affair featured synchronized swimmers, fireworks and even a mini concert by the guest of honor and one of his Grammy award winning friends.

Diddy and Kim
Diddy and Kim
Diddy and Cassie
Diddy and Cassie

Side Bar-The real dirt is that Puffy showed up with Door Mat…eh, hem… Kim Porter but was sending Cassi Twitter messages about how much he missed her.   Can we say MAN WHORE?  I hope them heifers are making him use protection…but I doubt it.


The reality show “The Basketball Wives” is coming to a cable network near you.  Can you guess which one?  Yep. You’ve guessed it.  VH1 will air Shaunie O’Neal’s brain child in March 2010.  I cannot WAIT to see what happens…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



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