Owner of Mad Chimpanzee Will Not Be Penalized

Charla Nash after being mauled by chimpanzee
Charla Nash after being mauled by chimpanzee
In early November, Oprah had Charla Nash, the woman who was severely mauled by a friend’s chimpanzee, on her show.  That was the first time she unveiled to the world the catastrophic damage done to her body and face.  It is still unknown why the 200 pound chimpanzee lost it.  Although, it was found that the chimp was on Xanax, the authorities are still unable to say that was the cause of his behavior.
The presence of drugs in the chimp’s system as well as the chimp becoming dangerous being a known factor kept the owner, Sandra Herold of Stamford, Ct., from being penalized for her pet’s actions. The state’s attorney, David Cohen, said there is no way he could pursue charges against
Travis (the chimpanzee) or his owner Sandy Herold. 
Even though it was found that the chimp had Xanax in his system, there is no conclusive evidence that can show Xanax as a culprit for his behavior.  The family of Charla Nash say they are fine  with this arrangement.  They told  the press that they are “at peace” with the judge’s ruling.  Why of course?!  Their civil suit that they are planning against Herold is $50 million and $150 million for the state.                    
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