Michael Jackson Unveiled…Again

"Michael" painted by David Nordahl  Opus/NY Post

Michael Jackson hasn’t been gone long, but it seems that he hasn’t been more popular.  Now,  in addition to all the negative press about him and his family, he’s somehow miraculously found a way to send us a message from heaven.

We didn’t know anything about his private art collection that portrays him as a god with angels or cherubim all around him.  The scantily clad King of Pop has a towel around the middle and the rest is little fat angels surrounding him and dressing him.  Of course, seeing the cherubim in the form of all little boys in different nationalities brought “molestation” back to the forefront of conversation.

The artist, David Nordahl, who was commissioned to paint the pieces said that Michael thought they were kinda humorous, but he loved them.  He said Michael described them as “tongue in cheek”.  

Read more here about how many and where they are.

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