Saturday Night Live Went Too Far with Tiger

snl tiger sketch

Apparently, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has a wide viewership of those men who have been in Tiger Woods’ position.  There seems to be a larger number of men suffering from domestic violence than previously thought.

BUT!  The issue of domestic violence (no matter what form male or female on the receiving end) is no laughing matter.  Now that we live in the age of “everyone must have their say”,  SNL should’ve realized there would be backlashwhen they decided to do their Tiger Woods sketch WITH Rihanna as their musical guest for the evening.

Even Oprah had to be put in her place recently when she made the mistake of not properly chastising Mike Tyson when he was on her show.

He said he wanted to “sock” Robin Givens during the interview with Barbara Walters back in the 80s and Robin Givens didn’t like the way Oprah handled that. So, she was able to come on HER show and put her in check!  And Oprah, without hesitation made amends and apologized to the tearful starlet.

Check out the sketch and tell us how you feel.  Are they going too far or is this harmless fun:

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