Golf Digest Cannot Yank Tiger with President Cover

tiger and obama cover

Golf Digest hit pay dirt with their latest cover for January 2010 which features President Obama and Tiger Woods on the green and the title for the story, “10 Tips Obama Can Take from Tiger.”  Okay, that’s sensible….but the timing is ALLL WRONG!  But at the same time it’s ALLLL RIGHT!

The magazine stands to lose a bank load of money if they pull the cover.  They have nearly 2 million subscribers.  The timing of the cover, for the President, with his controversial Afghanistan decision, is not good because, well, Tiger’s damaged goods right about now. Need we say more?

But rather than lose money on pulling the cover, Golf Digest stands to make a killing on what is surely going to be a historic issue.

Read here on Richard Prince’s Journal-isms on how this whole thing happened.

4 thoughts on “Golf Digest Cannot Yank Tiger with President Cover”

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