Dishin’ Dirt on Rihanna, Tila Tequila, The Kardashians and more…

What’s Up Y’all?!  Here is this week’s run down…

Lamar looking SLOW as usual...oh yeah, and Khloe...
Lamar looking SLOW as usual...oh yeah, and Khloe...

Folks are BOLD!  This TRANNY rolled up on Khloe and Lamar Kardashian…eh hem…Odom and tried to offer some “words of wisdom” to the young newlywed couple but Khloe was not having it.  According to TMZ, the chick/dude rolled up and told Lamar that he was too young to get married and Khloe got pissed and pushed homegirl/dude out of the face of her man.  The tranny chick/dude was so hurt and offended that he/she called the police trying to get Khloe arrested.  However it all blew up in his/her face when he/she discovered that he/she was in a “no snitch” zone.  When the po-po’s asked questions about the incident, no one saw anything.  Check out the video…


Speaking of the “happy” couple, word on the street is that the two had it OUT at a restaurant in LA on Friday.  Boogie and ‘nem had said dat Lamar got all jelly ‘cause Khloe was texting while at the dinner table.  Lamar got so mad that he got his tail up and walked to the bar!  Well Kloe’s BFF and “third wheel” Malika Hagg, was totally stuck in the middle.  Feeling awkward, she hopped up and ran over to the bar in an attempt to make amends with Lamar…but that didn’t go over too well.  I was told that Lamar then jumped up and walked out of the restaurant.  Errrybody thought he left, but Lamar knew better than to do that foolishness.  He went to go get his truck and drove around to the front of the restaurant and sat and waited for Khloe and Malika like a good lil’ hubby.  Whew…talk about DRAMA!  Can’t you just see’em standing before Judge Lynn Toler?  And the count down to divorce begins now…

Alexa Ray Joel
Alexa Ray Joel

In white folks news, Billy Joel played the role of ABSENT FATHER over the weekend when his daughter Alexa Rae Joel was admitted to a NYC hospital after an alleged attempt to take her life over the weekend.  Joel claims that he didn’t show up at the hospital because he didn’t want the media attention (yeah right) and he made it known that he had been in constant phone contact with the hospital.  Although he didn’t think Alexa was in any “real danger”, she was found passed out by her roommate after taking eight sleeping pills.


Side Bar-Thank GOD for MAMAS because if Alexa’s life depended on her bubble eyed daddy showing up, she would have been SHORT!   Shame on you Billy Joel!!


Real Housewife of NJ and ex con, Danielle done got her weave yanked at a NJ Country Club by some 19 year old and the whole thing was caught on tape!  Instead of defending herself physically, she decided to make the heifer PAY!  Danielle is now suing the crazy chic.  I don’t know how much she can get out of a 19 year old unless she is an heir to something like the Johnson empire, but more power to her.

Chris Coumo

I have SAD news this morning.  My FAVORITE television journalist has resigned from ABC!  Rumor has it that Chris Cuomo submitted his resignation by email the other day.  Word on the street is that he is leaving to go over the NBC’s, “Dateline” but that has yet to be confirmed.  For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know Chris Cuomo, he is the co-anchor of Good Morning America.  Rumor has it that George Stephanopoulis will be joining the cast when Diane Sawyer leaves the show.


Side Bar-Although I LOVE me some George I don’t know if I want to see him every morning doing the news.  I’m just saying…can we keep him on politics?


What’s Beef?  Apparently it is Tila Tequila and Rihanna.  According to Tila’s website, Rihanna done madeTila’s SHYT list.  And according to an interview Rihanna did with Big Boy and the Morning Show, she doesn’t care for Tila either.  Check out all the drama with the two of these crazy heifers here.


Side Bar-Chyle PU-LEASE.  For some strange reason, I believe Tila.  I don’t think Rihanna is as “golden” as we all think.  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl…



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