Obese Passengers Need Airline Love Too

obese passenger

All of the airlines are scrambling for a way to deal with the ever growing passengers that patronize them.  So far, there’s no concrete protocol for all airlines.   According to the UK’s Telegraph, Southwest requires you to buy an extra seat if you can’t fit between the armrests, but American Airlines will keep it free, but  advise passengers that if they think they may not fit to buy another ticket. 

According to the UK’s Telegraph, the above photo was first seen on an aviation blog called Flightglobal.  They report that it was shot by a flight attendant on American Airlines to convey to airline managers “the difficulty of dealing with passengers who cannot fit into seats.”

They are apparently checking the authenticity of the picture, but what do you think?  What should be the policy for morbidly obese passengers?  Heads, they should pay for extra seats, Tails, they should have a couple sections dedicated to larger seating?  Something that might be equivalent to a handicapped section.  Mind you, this question is directed to the morbidly obese.  No one else has the right to weigh in…no pun intended.

Check out the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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