Ebony Shows Off Faces of African American Power

Ebony covers-al sharpton

Now is undeniably the age of power—individually and collectively—for African-Americans. Like never before, the cream of the crop of extraordinary leaders in an evolving Black America. By deliberately highlighting change agents who have consistently challenged the status quo and carved out new paths to opportunity, the impact of African-Americans is clear.

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“In celebrating the many facets and faces of power in the African-American community, we showcased a wide range of intriguing people who will undoubtedly surprise and engage our audience,” said Chairman and CEO Linda Johnson Rice. “Our Power 150 list, featuring eight stunning covers, takes a close look at inspiring leaders who’ve made a remarkable difference on various levels.”

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The new Power 150 list, in the first-ever Year by saluting trailblazers who’ve made significant contributions to the Black community within fields ranging from business to science and technology to education and a host of other key disciplines.

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After months of strategizing, the company also decided to make fundamental changes to enhance the iconic months, we will position our branded channels including print, digital, entertainment and consumer products to meet the ever-changing consumer demands in the marketplace.

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“The underscore our competitive edge and signal ESempowski Ward. “We are also incorporating feedback from consumers into our expanding brand andeditorial platforms to provide broader and richer content with a distinctive point of view.”

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