Dinner Crashers Implicate Black Female Sergeant

Command Sergeant Major Michele Jones
Command Sergeant Major Michele Jones

The newest part of the President’s dinner crashing saga stands to implicate a black woman at the Pentagon.

It appears that the Salahi’s are really reaching now.  The Washington Post reports that the latest angle the couple have taken is in saying that they were seeking permission from a black woman at the Pentagon.

But not just any black woman, the first female Command Sergeant of the Army Reserve, Michele S. Jones.

It hasn’t been made clear how they are affiliated, but there seems to be a link between her and the couple’s lawyer, Paul W. Gardner.  According to the Post, she lists him as one of her friends on Facebook.

We don’t need to tell you that she unequivocally denies trying to get the two into the dinner.  At one point, she had to call on the Lord before she busted a cap at reporters.  Not really, she was getting heated up though.

The whole fiasco seems to get even more shady with the couple using their close friends to authenticate an e-mail between Jones and the Salahi’s.  They try to say that she inferred that they would be able to get in and that’s why they showed up.

Read the intriguing report on these two and their fabulous tales here.

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