The ‘Dog Mafia’ of Asia

dog mafia

Are you going out to the mall tonight with friends?  Do you normally stop by the food court and get you some of that free advertisement of teriyaki chicken or bourbon chicken from the Asian person with the meat on the toothpicks?  Well, this expose’ from Global Post will make you rethink that choice.  Not only will you stop getting the freebie, but you will probably think again when ordering anything that isn’t seafood.

The  Asian community has long been thought to serve anything from cats to rats.  This view into the Thailand dog trade opens up a whole other meat on the menu.   A lot of us opt for the chicken or beef dishes made at the Chinese or Vietnamese or other type of Asian restaurants because it’s much cheaper than ordering the seafood dishes.  But, more than likely, you already have the idea of old that a cat may be lying on your plate.  But, we turn our head, push the thought back and open up wide. 

But there’s also a lot of us (Nu Nu, Craig, Shamika, Le Le, and Twon) that are safe.  All they do is go in to get a chicken box and keep it movin’.  And we all know you can’t fake a chicken wing.  Check out the story:

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