Jokey Joke: The Mo’Nique Show…Spoofed!

monique spoof

If you have been “hugged” while watching Mo’Nique’s new show on BET, you will really appreciate this amateur spoof of her show.  While we wish Mo’Nique immense success with her new show, there is always room for suggestions…improvements…SOUND ADVICE!  Mo’Nique stop yelling!

She has toned some of the “volume” down since the beginning of her show, but the “sugar”, the “baby” the “spirit” that moves her over and over again to fall all over herself and her guests has moved her fans to show her better than they can tell her what she looks like every night.  She can pick and choose for herself what she might want to change. This is all jokes Mo’Nique!  We love you girl.  But even you have to laugh at this one.  Check it out:







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