Baltimore Mayor Found Guilty of Embezzlement

sheila dixon

If you don’t know what’s been going on in Baltimore lately, the breaking news has been about the Mayor, Sheila Dixon.  She was brought up on charges…for…for…robbing the poor!  Mayor Sheila Dixon is the first African American woman to hold the post of mayor of Charm City and of all the things we WILL NOT be celebrating this black history month, she is at the top of the list. 

The 12-count indictment was brought against her and filed Jan. 9, 2009.  It  included perjury, theft,  fraudulent misappropriation and misconduct.  Check out a formal list of the charges here.  The short story is that she was caught using gift cards earmarked for the city’s poor.  They were given to her by a businessman that was also her boyfriend (at the time), but was supposed to be an anonymous gift to the city.  Even more interesting, the gift cards were from various stores including  Toys R Us. 

Was she that down on her luck that she couldn’t buy her nieces and nephews an XBox?  I guess she sees now how much the cards were really worth.  Lucky for her, she was acquitted of three of the more serious charges.   But it is still more than a certainty that she will be asked to unass the seat of what has been portrayed as the hubb of corruption on The Wire.  If so, she will be replaced by city council president Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Read here for more details on this embarrassing fiasco.  And all of this going on right down the street from our other buddy, Smokin’ Joe…also known as Marion Barry.

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  1. she didn’t think she would get caught because it was so small. it just would have been oversighted, because she’s a politician, something all politicians do is milk the ppl! She ain’t the first.

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