Have a Happy and PROSPEROUS New Year! (Video)

The greatest advice and/or resolution we can share with you for the new year is to be mindful of your money.  Not just the way you spend it, but also where you keep it.  President Obama needs our help to run this country.  The banking industry has been getting over on us for decades and foreclosing on us at an alarming rate this year.  We don’t have to stand by and take it because Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on the Top 15 Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions…

15.   Chris Brown and Rihanna-Although the “Chrianna” incident was tragic, there were lessons to be learned.  Chris Breezy, repeat after me, “I will not slap any tricks unless they ask me to. This includes…but is not limited to, all sex acts as well as future confrontations with my new chick.”  Rihanna, repeat after me, “I will not talk slick in other folks cars unless I have backup or some good running shoes.”

D. Wade and his Ex wife

D. Wade and Gabby

14.  D. Wade, as much as I hate to say this, Gabby was a pretty good come up.  However, when you think past your man parts, you will see that whores don’t make good housewives. Continue reading

CNN and Time Weigh In On Oprah’s Moments

People are saying don’t get so dramatic.  Oprah isn’t leaving for a whole year and a half.  That is sooooooo far away.  But, think about 2009.  How fast did that go by for you?  Sooner than later, we will be waving our last goodbye to Oprah and decades of information that shaped the lives of many. 

CNN and Time give a list of her best  moments on the airways.  Luckily they didn’t rank them in a top 10 list.  That would be difficult.  They have some real jewels on the list.  Her influence is one of the moments.  Continue reading

Vacations Gone Wild: Porn Week

Are you feeling exhausted from jetting off to Belize for New Year’s or dancing in the streets at Mardi Gras?  You’ve been jaded by running with the bulls in Pamplona and there’s absolutely no thrill left in the Poconos?  Well, the mile high club pales in comparison to the hot new trend of PORN WEEK! Continue reading

Welcome to EUR This ‘N That IDOL! (Video)

youtube singer j-sunyoutube singer brandon hines

This is the first round of the EUR This ‘N That’s Idol.  We’re going to try this out and see if you will do these talented soon to be discovered people a favor and vote for them.  Who knows, maybe the right person will see them and they will get to pursue their dreams much farther than YouTube.  Maybe you have friends you’d like to nominate.  If so, let us know.  Let’s have some fun and see who will go home with the gold. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Dog Gone Wild!

dog gone wild

We’re not sure what to say about this video.  The women in the video appear to have some kind of relationship with the dog in the video, but it’s unclear of what kind; especially after seeing this video.  It’s bad enough that the whole thing is taped in a foreign language.  The footage is of a dog greeting his owner or maybe she’s a friend of his owner.  But nothing explains why he’s so glad to meet her. Continue reading

Google’s Secret Phone Has Been Outed!

Google had the Nexus One under wraps, but obviously not well.  Someone tipped the general public to everything about the phone and put it up on their site.  Pricing and all.  They give a list of bulleted specifics.  For instance, the phone will be sold for $530 unlocked and unsubsidized by Google…only.

If all this information is true, the “tipster” as Gizmodo.com is calling them, says that if you get the phone through T-Mobile, you can buy it for Continue reading

Tiger At It Again?


If this story is true, Tiger will slowly saunter off like Humphrey  Bogart in Casablanca into an uncertain darkness and his career will fade to black (or cablanasian).  He’s been seen out and about with his main mistress Rachel Uchitel.  The British mag, The Sun, reported that they were spotted holding hands on Sunday night at a party in Palm Beach, Fl.  Continue reading