President Obama Set to Shame Banks On Foreclosures

obama goes after banks

The banks have gone too far in their quest to fleece America.  The banks are constantly charging fees and adding new ones everyday.  The foreclosure list is growing and their hasn’t been any leniency for credit card holders.  Any delinquency is not tolerated.  They are not offering clients even a little breathing room for all of those who have been hit by hard times and can’t pay some or all of their mortgage on time.

Well, President Obama has had enough and it’s time he got a little outspoken.  He’s been cool, but now he’s going to name names and embarrass those who have abused their opportunity to “play nice.”  The government is no longer going to accept the actions of banking institutions intolerance to the American people. One New York judge had enough and cancelled the mortgage of one family who just wanted to negotiate the loan. Sorry! New Yorkers, they didn’t even give up that judge’s name. For obvious reasons, right?

Check out the President’s plan here.

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