The holidays are upon us and it is our prayer that everyone finds themself in a good place and able to acknowledge the things that make you feel most grateful.  The EUR This N That would like to send a prayer out to our loyal readers that everyone that views this page has enough.


Has enough food…enough clothes…enough shelter…enough good health and faith.  As we embark upon this celebration of appreciation for all that we have, we also want to take time to embrace the things that we did not.

Remember when we had just one TV in the house and there was a democratic vote (or fight) for what would be watched?  We sat together on one accord enjoying the same things and most of all spending time with family.

Remember when we had just one car or no car at all and we got on the bus or we rode 15 deep wherever we needed to go?  The lack of room or type of car did not supersede where we were going.  Our minds were on making it to our destination.

Remember when there were no cell phones and only one phone in the house on the wall?  We didn’t spend hours on the phone and have senseless conversation.  We found out from our friend where we were going to SEE one another and enjoy each other’s company.  We didn’t end up in severe car accidents trying to hold a phone.  We didn’t have unlimited long distance, so we appreciated when we got to talk to those loved ones far away.  Thanksgiving was always a special time for those phone calls.  The whole house would get excited.

Remember when there was no Xbox? Nintendo? or Playstations?  You could always hear children outside laughing and playing.  No matter what they ate on Thanksgiving it was burned up in a football game or relay races and most children were generally healthy because of it.

Remember when it was more important to give than to take?  That was when our communities were alive.  We could borrow an egg, some sugar, some bread.  We actually knew our neighbors and if need be, disciplined one another’s children.

Tap into that energy.  Give someone something…if only your time.  WE APPRECIATE YOUR LOYALTY and we’ll keep giving you thought-provoking stories and jokes to jiggle your Thanksgiving belly.  Gobble Gobble!  God bless You!

-J.C. Brooks

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