South Carolina Can’t Figure Out Punishment for Governor

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Remember Mark Sanford, the governor that abandoned his post to chase a chick all the way over in Argentina?  Your mouth wide open?  Ours was too.

Everyone was looking for this man and no one could tell anyone else where to look.

Now as Dee would say, “OOoooooo He’s in trooouuubbble.”  But it appears no one can figure out how much.

The powers that be are conflicted over how to deal with him and they also are at a loss for figuring out exactly what they will charge him with.  The deliberation over the matter has gone on too long.

Can anyone say Kwame Kilpatrick?  Prosecutor Kym Worthy damn near gave him a ride to jail.

Well, one thing they do know is that they might want to see him impeached.  If there are enough votes in, he’s going to have to give up the seat.  But something tells me that he’s not going to be impeached.  There are far too many “fans” out there for the two-term governor.

Check out his story. It’s not a far cry from Kwame’s offense, yet they castrated him.

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