Teen Shot 11 Times by NYPD


NYPD strike again!  Four guys were hanging out in a New York city park, but police weren’t certain why, so they decided they’d get closer to find out.  But according to the Associated Press, the young man, Dashawn Vasconcellos, 18, decided to run.  The others did not flee the scene.  But, according to police, Vasconcellos turned to shoot back at them with a 9MM pistol. 

Police shot at him 14 times and hit him with 11 of those shots, and still they have no valid reason for the shooting and no reason why the boys were gathered in the park.  The others are in custody for questioning. Vasconcellos died of gunshot wounds to the “torso, neck and extremities.”

Is it going to be enough that he had a weapon on him along with the officers pinky swear that he tried to shoot at them first?  NYPD is fresh off the Sean Bell shooting in 2006 where they killed him after his bachelor’s party for absolutely nothing.  And let’s not get started with the others that have been swept under the NYPD rug.  Read here for more on this story.

One thought on “Teen Shot 11 Times by NYPD”

  1. I see New York’s ‘finest’ are at it again – trying to rid the city of Black males, one at a time by pumping multiple bullets into their bodies. Well, we all know the outcome. When this latest incident has been thoroughly ‘investigated,’ the panel will find the officers acted with justification.

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